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Some beautiful baby names

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1Some beautiful baby names Empty Some beautiful baby names on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:14 am

Full of hopes

Full of hopes
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم صلي على نبينا محمد و على آله و صحبه و سلم

I want to start this new post and make it just for some beautiful names. As you all know many people are thinking a lot about the names they should give to their babies.

1- I would like to start with my dear sister's name:

Zaharah: Blossoming flower, Flower, beauty, star

Some beautiful baby names Omvor10

2Some beautiful baby names Empty Re: Some beautiful baby names on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:16 am

Full of hopes

Full of hopes
2- Ibrahim: The great Prophet's name.
It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "father of nations". The Hebrew form is Avraham. Biblical: Abraham, he was known for his great faith, He was described in Qurann with the word Ummah (nation), the scholars say because he was equal to a whole Ummah in his strong faith, ma sha Allah. He is the father of many prophets peace be upon them. He built the Kabah with his son Ismail, peace be upon him.. What can i say about this prophet!!! we need many books to be enough to talk about him.

3Some beautiful baby names Empty Boy names on Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:50 pm


Senior Member
Senior Member
Abdul-AleemServant of the OmniscientAbdul-AaleeServant of the Most High
Abdul AzeemServant of the MightyAbdul-AzeezServant of the Mighty, the Powerful
Abdul-BaariServant of the CreatorAbdul-BaasitServant of the Extender, Creator
Abdul-FataahServant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)Abdul-JabaarServant of the Mighty
Abdul-GhafaarServant of the ForgiverAbdul-GhafoorServant of the Forgiver
Abdul-HaadyServant of the GuideAbdul-HaafizServant of the Protector
Abdul-HaqServant of the TruthAbdul-HakamServant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-HakeemServant of the WiseAbdul-HaleemServant of the Mild, Patient
Abdul-HameedServant of the Praiseworthy, the Ever-PraisedAbdul-HaseebServant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-JaleelServant of the Great, ReveredAbdul-QaadirServant of the Capable
Abdul-KareemServant of the Noble, GenerousAbdul-LateefServant of the Kind
Abdul-MajeedServant of the GloriousAbdul-MuizServant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-MutaalServant of the Most HighAbdul-MujeebServant of the Responder
Abdul-MateenServant of the Firm, StrongAbdul-MuhaiminServant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul-NasserServant of the Helper, Granting VictoryAbdul-QudoosServant of the Most Holy
Abdul-QahaarServant of the Subduer, the AlmightyAbdul-Raafi'Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates
Abdul-RaheemServant of the Most CompassionateAbdul-RahmaanServant of the Mercifully Gracious
Abdul-RasheedServant of the Rightly GuidedAbdul-RazaaqServant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul-SalaamServant of the PeaceAbdul-RaoufServant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-KhaaliqServant of the CreatorAbdul-SaboorServant of the Patient
Abdul-SamadServant of the EternalAbdul-Samee'Servant of the All-Hearing
AbdullahServant of GodAbdul-ShakoorServant of the Most Thankful
Abdul-TawaabServant of the ForgiverAbdul-WadoodServant of the Loving
Abdul-WaahidServant of the OneAbdul-WahaabServant of the Giver
AbaanOld Arabic nameAbbasDescription of a lion
Al AbbasDescription of a lionAbedinWorshippers
AbedWorshipperAdnanProper name
AdhamBlackAshrafMore Honorable
AadilJustAfeefChaste, Modest
AhmadCommendable, PraiseworthyAkramMost Generous
AlaaNobility, ExcellenceAlaa UdeenExcellence of Religion
AliExcellent, NobleAmeenFaithful, Trustworthy
AmeerRuler, PrinceAmjadMore Glorious
AamirPopulous, Full, ProsperousAmmarThe builder, constructor, one who prays and fasts a great deal
AmrOld Arabic nameAnasA group of people (as opposed to other creatures)
AneesClose friendAarifAcquainted, Knowledgable
AwadReward, CompensationAyoobA Prophet's name
AymanLucky, On the rightAwsName of a tree
AzharThe most shining, LuminousAzzaamDetermined, Resolved
Abu BakrThe companion of Prophet MuhammadAbul KhayrOne who does good
AtaaGiftArshDominion , Crown
Badr UdeenFull moon of the FaithBahaBeautiful, Magnificent
Baha UdeenThe magnificent of the FaithBaahirDazzling, Brilliant
Bahiy UdeenThe magnificent of the FaithBashaarBringer of glad tidings
BaasimSmilingBilalThe Prophet's Muezzin(person who calls to prayer)
DawoudA Prophet's nameDhul FiqaarThe name of the Prophet's Sword
Diyaa UdeenBrightness of the FaithFadiRedeemer
FadlOutstanding, HonorableFadl UllahThe excellence of God
FaakhirProud, ExcellentFakhryHonorary
FareedUniqueFaarisHorseman, Knight
FaarooqHe who distinguishes truth from falsehoodFateenClever, Smart
FawazSuccessfulFidaaRedemption, Sacrifice
GhaalibVictorGhasaanOld Arabic name
HaadyGuiding to the rightHaamidPraising (God), Loving (God)
HamzaLionHaaniHappy, Delighted, Content
HumamCourageous and generousHaarithPlowman, Old Arabic name
HaaroonA Prophet's nameHassanBeautiful
HaashimName of the Prophet's grandfather, Old Arabic nameHassaanBeautiful
HaatimJudgeHaythamYoung hawk
HaashimGenerosityHuthayfaOld Arabic name
HusaamSwordHusaam UdeenThe sword of the Faith
HoudA Prophet's nameIbraheemA Prophet's name
IdreesA Prophet's nameIkrimahFemale of a pigeon
ImaadSupport, PillarImaad UdeenThe pillar of the Faith
ImraanA Prophet's nameIrfaanThankfulness
IesaA Prophet's nameIs-haaqA Prophet's name
IsaamSafeguardIsmaaelA Prophet's name
Izz UdeenMight of the FaithJaabirConsoler, Comforter
JaafarRivuletJalaalGlory of the Faith
JamaalBeautyJamaal UdeenBeauty of the Faith
JameelBeautifulJihadTo Strive for
JawadOpenhanded, GenerousKamalPerfection
KaamilPerfectKareemGenerous, Noble
KhairyCharitable, BeneficentKhair UdeenThe good of the Faith
KhaldoonOld Arabic nameKhalidEternal
KhaleelFriendKhuzaymahOld Arabic name
LabeebSensible, IntelligentLuqmaanA Prophet's name
LutfiKind and friendlyLu'ayProper name
Ma'nBenefitMa'dAn old Arabian tribe's name
MahdyGuided to the right pathMaahirSkilled
MahmoudPraisedMakeenStrong, Firm
MajdGloryMajd UdeenThe glory of the Faith
MajdyGloriousMamdouhOne who is commended, Praised, Glorified
MamnoonTrustworthyMansourAided (by God), Victorious
MarwanOld Arabic nameMarzouqBlessed (by God), Fortunate
MasoudHappy, LuckyMaysarahEase, Comfort
MaazinProper nameMisbaahLamp
MuaathProtectedMa'awiyaA young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)
MuhsinBeneficent, CharitableMuhtadyRightly guided
MujaahidFighter (in the way of Allah)MukhtaarChosen
MunthirWarner, CautionerMuneerBrilliant, Shining
MuntasirVictoriousMurtadhySatisfied, Content
MoosaA Prophet's nameMusadUnfettered camel
MuslimSubmitting himself to GodMustafaChosen (One of the Prophet Muhammad's names)
MutasimAdhering (to Faith, to God)MutazzProud, Mighty
MuwafaqSuccessfulNabhanNoble, Outstanding
NabeehNoble, OutstandingNabeelNoble
NaadirDear, RareNaeemComfort, Ease, Tranquil
NajeebOf noble descentNaajySafe
Najm UdeenThe star of the FaithNaa'ilAcquirer, Earner
NaasihAdvisorNaseemFresh air
Nasser UdeenProtector of the FaithNawfalGenerous, Old Arabic name for the sea
NazeehPure, ChasteNaathimArranger, Adjuster
NoohA Prophet's nameNu'man(Blood) Old Arabic name
NooriShiningNoor UdeenBrightness of the Faith
OmarLife, long livingOmranSolid structure
OmeirLong livingOssamaOne of the names of the lion.
QasimDividerQatadahA hardwood tree
QutaybahIrritable, ImpatientRabahGainer
Rabee'SpringRafee'Kind friend
RajabThe seventh month of the Muslim yearRaakinRespectful
RaamizSymbolRashadIntegrity of conduct
RashidRightly guided, Having the true FaithRaatibArranger
RidhaContentmentRidhwanAcceptance, Good will, Name of the keeper of the Gates of Heaven
SaabirPatientSafiyBest friend
SafwanOld Arabic name (rocks)SaahirWakeful
SaadGood luckSaeedHappy, Rivulet
SaajidOne who worships GodSalahRighteousness
Salah UdeenThe righteousness of the FaithSaalihGood, Righteous
SalmanSafeSameerEntertaining companion (man)
SamirEntertaining companionSaariyahClouds at night
Sayf UdeenSword of the FaithSayidMaster
ShaadySingerShafeeqCompassionate, Tender
ShareefDistinguished, NobleShihabFlame, Blaze
SiraajLamp, LightSubhyEarly morning
SuhaybOf reddish hair or complexionSuhailName of a star
SulaymanA Prophet's nameSuoudGood luck
TaahirChaste, ModestTalalNice, Admirable
TalhaKind of treeTamamGenerous
TaamirOne who knows datesTarfahKind of tree
TareefRare, UncommonTariqName of a star
TawfeeqSuccess, ReconciliationTayseerFacilitation
TaymullahServant of GodThaabitFirm
ThaqibShooting StarUbaadahOld Arabic name
UbaidahServant of GodUbayOld Arabic name
UmarOld Arabic name (Second Khalifah)UmaarahOld Arabic name
UmairOld Arabic nameUqbahThe end of everything
UsaamahDescription of a lionUtbahOld Arabic name
Wadee'Calm, PeacefulWaahidSingle, Exclusively, Unequalled
WafeeqSuccessfulWaa'ilComing back (for shelter)
WajeehNobleWaleedNewborn child
WaliyullahSupporter of GodWaliyudeenSupporter of the Faith
WaseemGraceful, Good lookingYahyaaA Prophet's name
YamanProper nameYasaarEase, Wealth
YaaseenOne of the Prophet Muhammad's namesYasirWealthy
YazeedTo increase, Grow, EnhanceYoonusA Prophet's name
YoosufA Prophet's nameZaafirVictorious
ZaahidAbstemious, AsceticZakariyaA Prophet's name
ZaahirBright, Shining  

4Some beautiful baby names Empty Girl Names on Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:52 pm


Senior Member
Senior Member
AbeerFragranceAblaaPerfectly formed
AadabHope and needAdeelaEqual
AfrahHappinessAhlamWitty; one who has pleasent dreams;imaginative
AhdPledge; KnowledgeAidaVisiting; Returning
AishaLiving; Prosperous; Wife of Prohet MuhammadAaliaExalted; Highest social standing
AliaExalted; Highest social standingAlmasDiamond
AamaalHopes; AspirationsAmalHope; Aspiration
AmaniWishes; AspirationsAmatullahFemale servant of Allah
AmeenaTrustworthy; FaithfulAmeeraLeader; Princess
AnaanCloudsAnbarPerfume; Ambergris
AneesaFriendly; of good companyAnwaarRays of light
AreebahWitty and smartAreejPleasent smell
Aroob(Woman) Loving to her husbandArwaFemale mountain goat
AsiyaOne who tends to the weak and heals themAsahPlant known for its greeness
AsalahPurityAseelahOne belonging to a great heritage and family
AsmaDaughter of Abu BakrAasmaaExcellent; Precious
AyehSign; distinctAzhaarFlowers; Blossoms
AzeezaEsteemed; Precious; CherishedAzzaYoung female gazelle
BadriyaResembling full moonBaheeraDazzling; Brilliant
BahiyaaBeautiful; RadiantBalqisThe name of the Queen of Sheba
BananFinger tipsBaraa'aExcelling
BasheeraBringer of good tidingsBasmaA smile
BatoolAscetic virginBushraGood omen
ButhaynaOf beautiful and tender bodyDhuhaForenoon
FaizaVictorious; WinnerFadheelaVirtue
FadwaName derived from self-sacrificeFalakStar
FareedaUniqueFareehaHappy; Joyful
FiryalNameFatimaName of Prophet Muhammad's daughter (Literally: accustom)
FawziyaSuccessful; VictoriousFirdoosParadise
GhaydaaYoung and delicateGhusoonBranches (tree)
HaadiyaGuide to righteousnessHadiyaGift
HaleemaGentle; PatientHaneefaTrue believer
HaniyaPleased; HappyHasnaBeautiful
HayaamDeliriously in loveHayatLife
HaifaSlender; of beautiful bodyHessaDestiny
HindProper nameHudaRight guidance
HumaA bird which lives in a quiet area and whenever it flies to the city it fills the people with joyHooriyaAngel
IkraamHonor; Hospitality; GenerosityIlhaamIntuition
ImanFaith; BeliefImtithal(Polite) Obedience
InaamAct of kindness; Benefaction; BestowalInasSociability
InayaConcern; SolicitudeIntisaarTriumph
IzdihaarFlourishing; BlossomingJalaClarity; Elucidation
JameelaBeautifulJanaanHeart or soul
JumaanaSilver pearlKaamlaPerfect
KameelaMost perfectKareemaGenerous; Noble
KawkabSatelliteKawtharRiver in Paradise
KhadeejaName of Prophet Muhammad's wifeKhalidaImmortal
KhawlahProper nameKhairiyaCharitable; Good
KhuloodImmortalityKoutherRiver in Jennah (paradise)
KulthoomDaughter of the prohet Mohammed peace be upon himLameesSoft to the touch
LamyaDark-lippedLateefaGentle; Kind
LeenaTenderLubaabaThe innermost essence
LamaDarkness of lipsMadeehaPraiseworthy
MahaGazelleMaisaWalking with proud swinging gait
MakaarimOf good and honorable characterMalakAngel
ManaarGuiding light (lighthouse)MaraamAspiration
MaryamName of Mother of JesusManaalAttainment; Achievement
MawiyaOld Arabic nameMayOld Arabic name
MaimoonaAuspicious; BlessedMaysaaTo walk with a swinging gait
MaysoonOf beautiful face and bodyMayyadaTo walk with a swinging gait
MufeedaUsefulMuhjaHeart's blood; Soul
MunaWish; DesireMuneeraIlluminating; Shedding light
MusheeraGiving counselNabeehaIntelligent
NabeelaNobleNadaGenerosity; Dew
NadiaThe begining, firstNadiraRare, Precious
NadeedaEqual (to another person); RivalNadwaCouncil
NafeesaPrecious thingNailaAcquirer; Obtainer
NaeemaLiving a soft, enjoyable lifeNajaahSuccess
NajeebaOf noble birthNajiyaSafe
NajatSafetyNajwaConfidential talk; Secret conversation
NajlaOf wide eyesNajyaVictorious
NashidaStudentNashitaEnergetic and full of life
NasihaOne who gives valuable adviceNasiraVictorious, helper
NazaahaPurity; Righteousness;HonestyNazeehaHonest
NazeeyaOptimistic and full of hopeNazeeraLike; Equal; Matching
NibaalArrowsNaeemaBlessing; Loan
NimaatBlessings; LoansNudharGold
NuhaIntrelligence; MindNahlaA drink (of water)
NoorLightNoufHighest point on a mountain
NusaybaProper nameNuzhaPleasure trip; Excursion spot
RababWhite cloudRabeeaGarden
RadhiyaaContent; SatisfiedRadhwaName of mountain in Medina
RajaHopeRanaTo gaze; Look
RafaHappiness; ProsperityRandTree of good scent
RaniyaGazingRashaYoung gazelle
RasheedaWise; MatureRawdhaGarden
RaawiyaTransmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)RayaSated with drink
ReemGazelleReemaWhite antelope
RukanSteady; ConfidentRuqayaName of the Prophet's daughter
RuwaydaWalking gentlySaabiraPatient
SafaClarity; Purity; SerenitySafiyaUntroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend
SaharDawnSahlaSmooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
SakeenaGod-inspired peace of mind; TranquilitySaalihaGood; Useful
SaleemaSafe; HealthySaalimaSafe; Healthy
SalmaPeacefulSalwaQuail; Solace
SamaahGenerositySamarEvening conversations
SameehaGenerousSameeraEntertaining companion (woman)
SaamiyaElevated; LoftySanaResplendence; Brilliance
SawdaProper nameSawsanLily of the valley
SuhaName of a starSuhaylaSmooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
SuhaymaSmall arrowSuhairProper name
SumaiyaaProper nameTaahiraPure; Chaste
TamadhurProper nameWafaFaithfulness
WafeeqaSuccessfulWafiyaLoyal; Faithful
WajeehaEminent; DistinguishedWardaRose
WidadLove; FriendshipWijdanEcstasy; Sentiment
WisaalCommunion in loveYasmeenJasmine
YumnGood fortune; SuccessYusraaProper name
ZaafiraVictorious; SuccessfulZahiraShining; Luminous
ZahraaWhiteZahrahFlower; Beauty; Star
ZakiyaaPureZainabName of Prophet's daughter

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